Sensual Delight for our Tanzamt! Legends podcast

Now on Soundcloud / Hearthis The year 2021 is coming to an end, another year that has touched us all in one way or another. It has been an exceptionally difficult year for many of us. From a distance we saw how our society was being driven apart, how 2 groups arose and solidarity and charity increasingly ended up in the background. In times like these we shoud stand strong together, as a society! Start small with the people around you, support them in difficult times, try to understand their choices and the situation they find themselves in. This is the only way we can move forward as a society. For many, music is an escape to another reality, a form of relaxation that is needed more than ever in times like these. Take the time to put the year in perspective, what have you done to improve the situation we are in? Our legend Sensual Delight of today will take you on a journey of relaxation, in which you will have the time to enjoy in peace but also to put everything in perspective. Sensual delight is a very special positive DJ who is always supportive to everyone. In recent years he has been characterized by his exceptional sets, but also by his empathetic comments to all kinds of artists, large or small. That`s why he definitely deserves a spot in our legends podcast. Be enchanted, enjoy and let us know what you think of his beautiful set.