It`s legend time; check it out on our SoundCloud channel. Set: TAKT und LOS We`re back, with a new LEGEND podcast from one of tanzamt djs. In the coming period, our tanzamt DJs will take you on a musical journey. Keep an eye on our platform and support us by liking, sharing and letting us know what you think! We look forward to your feedback Tanzbeamte Legend podcast TAKT und LOS Today we present to you our great friends Takt und Los. These 2 are really cool, they have an amazing ear for flowing melodies and always give you the feeling that a total set is like 1 song, it`s an art to always hit the right note. Our top duo always amaze us with their musical journeys. This time it is no different, after a long break they are back, and if you ask us better than ever. Are you ready for 2 hours of pure pleasure, sit down, put on your headphones and you will notice that everything around you fades away. Welcome in the musical world from takt und los Enough text, go listen and enjoy! Tanzamt The Amt of the New Generation