Tanzbeamte special - B2B with SIMILAR CLOUDS, RASKI AND TANZAMT!

Today we are very proud to share something very unique with you. This amazing set with, we played B2B with Raski and Similar Clouds for over 6 hours! How beautiful it was to get together again after such a long time, something we wish every listener to do with his or her friends. It`s time for us to party again….. We share this awesome set with you and are looking forward to your feedback and support. Check it out on our SoundCloud ore hearthis page Steady Structures, who are these guys anyway ... You see their name popping up everywhere .. Let us introduce them to you one more time. @steadystructures is a South based an organization that shares musical ideas through podcast sessions & events. They want to give DJs an extra platform to share their sounds & stories. Steady Structures is characterized by their intimate and insanely well-organized parties. They know how to take the public on a great journey and most of the times its at a prodigious exclusive location. RASKI We also take the time to tell you the story of Raski, Raski is our loyal Resident DJ. Raski is incredibly passionate and sees it as his personal mission to take his listeners into his audio visual world. He`s connecting with his Frequencies. Last year you already received a lot of music from him on our platform and we are therefore very happy that we can indicate with this set that that was only the beginning! . Last but not least SImilar Clouds „The brothers“ These 2 Brothers are having 2 different musical preferences but they always know a way to smoothly mix it together. These 2 musical geniuses know how to bring every party to a climax. We had the honor of playing with them before and they always manage to amaze us.