Unity - by our Tanzbeamte dj Raski

Unity! Tanzamt DJ Raksi brings you our newest pearl. Start listening and let us know what you think of it. Could you introduce yourself? Firstly, I would like to thank the Tanzamt crew for giving me the opportunity to create a set for the podcast #musicwithamessage. My artist name is RASKI and as a child I was always connected to music. In my opinion music truly enriches one’s life during the good and bad times. Few years ago, I started to develop a keen interest in DJing and I fell in love with electronic music as a way to express myself via the various frequencies. What is your message? We are all currently experiencing a unique and tumultuous period in our lives. During these times it is in my opinion important to not forget that we are all in it together. My message is to not forget to stay united and take care of our closed ones, hence the set name “Unity”. What intro did you use and why? I have chosen the speech of Charlie Chaplin from the movie “The Great Dictator” and blended it with the soundtrack “Time” of Hans Zimmer as the background music. The speech calls for unity and believe in ourselves, the people. Especially now, I believe it is important to remember and to reflect. How did you arrange your set? My aim concerning the set was to start with more melancholic tracks representing our time before our current situation. The middle of the set has a darker and more intense vibe leading to a climax towards the end, representing our current situation. The last track of the set brings the intensity down and takes us back to our nostalgic carefree past, implying that after every storm there is a rainbow of hope.