Our Tanzamt duo Takt und Los

There they are again, our beloved dj duo "Takt&Los". Today we release another masterpiece, take your time and listen to 1 hour of pure love. Since their start they are part of our family and we are more than proud to have them. The perfect combination As you may know, this is not your average dj duo.These 2 bring each other to another level with their sets and music! It`s great to see how they "mixed" their style. Frau Takt, also known as CubaLou (@ cubalou )is in our eyes famous for building a story in to her sets, it`s always a message from her hearth. Herr los, also known as der Lenni ( @ 5starz-2 )has a unique way of building up his sets Today they have a fresh mix for all their fans: "Keiner hört auf kein Kommando" "Kein Bild, kein Wort kann das Eigenste und Innerste des Herzens aussprechen wie die Musik.Ihre Innigkeit ist unvergleichlich, sie ist unersetzlich! Wo die Sprache aufhört.. fängt die Musik an" - CubaLou - https://soundcloud.com/tanzamt_music/tanzbeamte-se03e17-takt-los-keiner-hort-auf-kein-kommando