Swaso - Sound Waves

Our second free track on www.tanzamt.com comes from the amazing artist Swaso

In his own words:
The description of an artist is difficult and to put into words what his music says is almost impossible.

Everyone perceives music differently, tastes are different, but the only constant is the feeling that we associate with certain sounds, chords, and melodies.

Life is a steady up and down and you can hear that without exception in the sets of Swaso. Joy, sadness, fear, love & anger are but a few of the overwhelming feelings that life holds for each of us and these are reflected in the musical works of Swaso.

Producer & DJ Swaso chose Hamburg as his home and thus found his absolute favorite city. He had always fallen into the Hanseatic city and in 2009 he made his dream and moved to Hamburg with some belongings. The best decision of his life!

He has always been devoted to music and has proven his musical talent at a young age. His career as a producer & DJ started in early 2019 and with his first official track "filled out" Swaso lays a solid foundation for everything that follows!