Techno vibes from the east

This week we have a very special guest for you! BB Deng, the first female DJ from China being interviewed by the BBC. Her engagement for inspiring woman in China to become an electronic artist is amazing! In 2008 she opened her own club "The Boat" in Beijing and organized countless other events. Now she lives in Berlin, is signed by China`s biggest music label "ModernSky" and has gigs around the world!

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In her own words:
Berlin based DJ / Music producer BB Deng was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Taiwan, she lived in Beijing for many years before moving to Berlin and has earned the prestigious reputation of being one of the top Techno artist in China, her music career started from playing in rock bands as the keyboard player/singer/Electronic beat-maker.

In 2008, BB Deng has opened her own club/live music venue "The Boat" in Beijing and has organized countless of music/art events and festivals.

BB Deng was being the resident DJ at China best Techno club Lantern, continuing in 2015 she was signed with the biggest Chinese music label/booking agency ModernSky. After years of DJ experiences, she has toured around the world to play at music festivals, ADE, Zug Der Liebe and underground clubs from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia to Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Austria, Finland, Poland and Spain, which made her one of the most successful Chinese/Taiwanese artist abroad and the first Chinese DJ who was interviewed by BBC. (Read BBC Article)

In 2018 BB Deng moved to Berlin and playing at clubs such as : Ritter Butzke, Suicide Circus, Kit Kat, Polygon, Der Weisse Hase, Birgit & Bier, Ava, Weekend, Maze, HRD…just to name a few. BB Deng’s set combine with an interesting mixed with a groove of Deep-Breaks-Dark-Industrial-Acid Techno. She has released music under Kuukou Records (Berlin) , Reload Black label (Spain) and Blackat Label (Miami) for ADE compilation. She has also signed with British electronic music equipment brand Novation to be their first Chinese ambassador.

To learn more about her, please go to :
Check out her website!

Have fun with this amazing set and a nice weekend,

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