Techno = Laduch

This week we have a very special guest for you! Our long time friend, dj and producer Youri Laduch from the Netherlands. His passion for music started since he was a child. He played different kinds of instruments and started to listen to electronic music in his teenager years. His affection for electronic music started to grow and he decided to give it a try, with succes! After playing electronic music in different clubs and festivals, he started to create his own. From there on, he experimented with different styles and hardware to create his own unique sound. So be ready for this amazing techno set from Laduch!

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Could you introduce yourself?
I`m a dutch producer with lot of passion for techno. I played on a lot of festivals and clubs around Europe which inspired me to make my own music. Take a look on my spotify or soundcloud and find out what i made in the last year.

Which intro did you use in your set and why?
I`m really excited about entrepreneurs which have a common ground in what wisdom is. Most of them don`t really take care about you or neither me. I`ve used a speach of Ricardo Semler which inspired me for lot`s of things that i do in my daily life. I hope this man can inspire a lot of more huge entrepreneurs to be carefull of our world!

Did you use your own tracks? If so, which ones?
Yes, but can`t tell about the track title because it`s not released yet ;)

Are there any upcoming gigs?
Everywhere.. i hope xD