A Space Odyssey by RASKI

We are pleased to present you a new Tanzbeamte Podcast this week, made by our good friend and upcoming DJ RASKI! His bosnian roots combined with the dutch/german flavor are a must to hear. You can find more about RASKI here:


...and ofcourse we had an interview with him aswell #musicwithamessage


Could you introduce yourself?
First of all, I would like to thank all the crew of Tanzamt for making these podcasts possible and for letting me share my musical journey with you. My name is RASKI and my family and I have always been connected to music from various musical genres. When I started DJ-ing I fell in love with mixing Techno and taking my audience on a musical odyssey. This set has been created to take the listener on a trip to the space and beyond, hence its name "A Space Odyssey".

Which intro did you use in your set and why?
The set starts with the famous speech of JFK regarding the reason of space travel which blends into the track of Malanda Jr. called "Elastika". I have deliberately chosen this track as it metaphorically represents the musical crescendo for taking off to space. The tracks thereafter have a spacey and melancholic vibe with here and there some twists and turns to keep our astronauts engaged during the galactic travel.

Did you use your own tracks? If so, which ones?
At the moment my passion lies in DJ-ing, nevertheless I expect to embark, sooner than later, on the second musical adventure regarding music production.

Are there any upcoming gigs?
Various gigs will most likely take place this autumn/ winter season in Bonn, so stay tuned!

Now let`s enjoy this set through space and time and have a nice weekend!

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