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Tanzbeamte ( Legend ) podcast - Müdebär

It`s legend time! Set: Müdebär Artwork: painted by Müdebär We`re back, with a new podcast series from our tanzamt dj`s. In the coming period, our tanzamt DJs will take you on a musical journey. Keep an eye on our platform and support us by liking, sharing and letting us know what you think! We look forward to your feedback Tanzbeamte Legend podcast - Müdebär- now on ...read more

Le stephane is back!

It`s summertime <3 check it out on our soundcloud / hearthis channel. Le Stephane discovered a true passion for electronic music in 2011 and never looked back Stephane moved to Berlin to March 2013, without much of a plan, or apartment for that matter (read: impulsive, chaotic decision to make a new start). He got more and more inspired and since then you could find his na ...read more

Tanzbeamte special - B2B with SIMILAR CLOUDS, RASKI AND TANZAMT!

Today we are very proud to share something very unique with you. This amazing set with, we played B2B with Raski and Similar Clouds for over 6 hours! How beautiful it was to get together again after such a long time, something we wish every listener to do with his or her friends. It`s time for us to party again….. We share this awesome set with you and are looking forward to your fee ...read more


Tanzamt! -The Rabbithole -

Tanzamt! - What Brings Us Together -

Tanzamt ! -Let`s share happiness

Tanzamt! -Spread Love-

Door number 55

Tanzamt! Celebrating of 1000sc followers Live recording @ The Roots!

Tanzamt! Du Bist Terrorist!? Live @ Tanzofen Open Air Festival Berlin Cococalypse

Der Weg der Liebe- 1 Year Tanzamt!

Tanzamt! - Lasst uns wieder Mensch sein! -

Tanzamt! 1 hour live @Speck&Bohnen Musikbunker Aachen ( Frequency Painters b2b Jackings)

Tanzamt! - Zu Spät Um Pessimist Zu Sein!

-Die Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm-

Tanzamt! Live @ Amsterdam Club NL (26-07-15 Pheronome Nights)

Tanzamt! - Die Freuden des Lebens -

Tanzamt! - Der Nächste Schritt -

Tanzamt! - Wirbel Alles Durcheinander -