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Our Tanzamt duo Takt und Los

There they are again, our beloved dj duo "Takt&Los". Today we release another masterpiece, take your time and listen to 1 hour of pure love. Since their start they are part of our family and we are more than proud to have them. The perfect combination As you may know, this is not your average dj duo.These 2 bring each other to another level with their sets and music! It`s g ...read more

Swaso is back

Since his last release "Sound Waves" we are fan from Swaso.
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Swaso, is a producer and dj from Hamburg. It`s his favourite city and therefore he moved over in 2009. Since then his name pops up in every corner of the city. If you want to catch his musical journey you should go to clu ...read more

Gefangen Intrance

Today we introduce to you Gefangen Intrance, enjoy his contribution for our podcast!

Gefangen Intrance aka Toko, Abkürzung für seinen bürgerlichen Namen Torsten Koths, fing in seiner frühen Kindheit schon an Kassetten zu sammeln und wechselte später zum Vinyl. Was im Elternhaus mit Kellerpartys anfing, entwickelte sich im erwachsenen Alter zum Auflegen in der NRW Clubsc ...read more


Tanzamt! -The Rabbithole -

Tanzamt! - What Brings Us Together -

Tanzamt ! -Let`s share happiness

Tanzamt! -Spread Love-

Door number 55

Tanzamt! Celebrating of 1000sc followers Live recording @ The Roots!

Tanzamt! Du Bist Terrorist!? Live @ Tanzofen Open Air Festival Berlin Cococalypse

Der Weg der Liebe- 1 Year Tanzamt!

Tanzamt! - Lasst uns wieder Mensch sein! -

Tanzamt! 1 hour live @Speck&Bohnen Musikbunker Aachen ( Frequency Painters b2b Jackings)

Tanzamt! - Zu Spät Um Pessimist Zu Sein!

-Die Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm-

Tanzamt! Live @ Amsterdam Club NL (26-07-15 Pheronome Nights)

Tanzamt! - Die Freuden des Lebens -

Tanzamt! - Der Nächste Schritt -

Tanzamt! - Wirbel Alles Durcheinander -